• Slocum gliders track sub-surface warming in the Great Barrier Reef

    In recent months, widespread coral bleaching has been reported from the Northern to the Central Great Barrier Reef (GBR). [more]

  • Australia’s Chief Scientists visit IMOS in Hobart

    IMOS Director, Tim Moltmann, met with Australia's Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel and the Chief Scientists of Australian states.[more]

  • Wobbegongs have more complex social lives than we thought

    IMOS Animal tracking observations reveal that groupings of spotted wobbegong sharks, once thought to be chance occurrences, are now believed to reflect far more complex social relationships.[more]

  • 'IMOS in MOcean' video – What is currently happening in Australia's oceans?

    The latest video in the 'IMOS in MOcean' series shows how IMOS OceanCurrent produces visual representations of water movement, sea surface temperature, ocean colour and sea surface height.[more]

  • UWA student wins award for Holloway Current research based on IMOS data

    University of Western Australia Oceans Institute PhD student, Mohammad Hadi Bahmanpour, was awarded the student ‘Best Poster’ at the International Coastal Symposium (ICS) held in Sydney in March. [more]

  • Marine ecosystems benefit from collaboration between IMOS and data processing software developers

    The IMOS Bio-Acoustic sub-facility is part of an international effort to observe how mid-water prey species such as small fish, squid, krill and jellyfish are distributed. [more]