• EAC Eddies are coming to Tasmania

    Around the globe 2015 was an exceptionally warm year for both land and ocean temperatures. For Tasmania though, the heat continues with sea surface temperatures off the east coast hotter than ever this year.[more]

  • Minister Birmingham visits the IMOS Office

    The Education and Training Minister took time out of his busy schedule to learn more about NCRIS-funded national research infrastructure.[more]

  • Seals reveal how melting ice shelves in East Antarctica affect the global climate system

    Elephant seals tagged by IMOS have helped scientists to discover that fresh water from Antarctica’s melting ice shelves slows the production of powerful deep-water ocean currents responsible for regulating global temperatures.[more]

  • Chance spotting leads to recovery of broken IMOS mooring on the Yorke Peninsula

    A member of the public last month found a large orange buoy, with instrumentation attached, washed up on a remote beach on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.[more]

  • Long-term Maria Island Temperature and Salinity data product is now available on the AODN Portal

    The IMOS National Reference Station (NRS) network provides baseline information required to understand how large-scale, long-term change and variability in the global ocean are affecting the ecosystems of Australia's coastal...[more]

  • Ocean Glider tells quite a tale after 74 days at sea

    A torpedo shaped underwater glider has just completed a 74-day journey through the waters of the Great Australian Bight returning loaded with information about the Bight – along with a few battle scars.[more]