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What is the AODN?

'Australian marine data, publicly available'

The vision of the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) was articulated in 2005 by the Australian Ocean Data Centre Joint Facility (AODCJF), a joint venture between the six Commonwealth Agencies[1] with primary responsibility for marine data.

The AODN Data Portal is a single access point for marine data published by Australian Commonwealth Agencies and by a large number of other data contributors. Generally, direct links from the Portal provide access to standardised data files that are hosted and maintained by the custodian agencies. The Portal incorporates a catalogue of metadata and a map interface that can be used to interact with AODN datasets.

In 2010 the IMOS eMarine Information Infrastructure (eMII) became the home of the AODN Development Office and eMII is now responsible for building and maintaining AODN infrastructure, developing and maintaining data and metadata standards and facilitating growth of the AODN.




Australian Ocean Data Network

The infrastructure of the AODN is based on the IMOS Ocean Portal, which follows international standards and agreements for data/metadata formatting, discovery and sharing. We utilise the Nectar National Servers program to deliver the IMOS data and the Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced computing (TPAC) at UTAS, through the Research Data Services program, to provide the long term archive


IMOS and the repositories of the Commonwealth agencies (see Who are we?) form the core of the AODN. Increasingly, though, universities and State government offices are offering up data resources to the AODN, and delivery of data to the AODN is being written in to significant research programs e.g. National Envronmental Science Program Marine Biodiversity Hub and the Great Australian Bight research program.



[1] The Australian Institute of Marine Science, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, the Royal Australian Navy, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Geoscience Australia and the Integrated Marine Observing System