• Modelling of ocean currents gives swimmers the edge at ‘Rotto’

    Just before Western Australia’s iconic ocean event, the Rottnest channel Swim, hundreds of individuals, eager to get the edge on their competitors, took a peek at IMOS Ocean Current’s forecast of currents between the mainland and...[more]

  • Long-range movement of bull sharks revealed

    This discovery was facilitated by use of data from the network of acoustic receivers around the coast of Australia deployed as part of the IMOS Animal Tagging and Monitoring Facility.[more]

  • Distinct rise in global ocean temperatures detected

    A comprehensive view of world oceans afforded by the global array of profiling Argo floats reveals the ongoing and steady rise of global climate system heat content.[more]

  • Warm ocean water melts largest glacier in East Antarctica

    Warm ocean water is melting the largest glacier in East Antarctica from below, according to new Australian Antarctic research using data from the IMOS deep water moorings.[more]

  • Sydney to Hobart yacht race: ocean currents best in ten years

    Ocean current data indicates the likelihood of ocean currents being more favourable to yachts this year than in any of the last ten years. [more]

  • Marine Matters issue 19 available now

    The latest issue of the IMOS newsletter, Marine Matters, is available to download via the website.[more]